Where The Good Men At?

All you single ladies, all you single ladies, all you single ladies, all you single ladies, now put your hands up!

Yes, this post is for you!

A number of you or us, I should say are looking for those eligible bachelors right? And of course, we all think all the good ones are already taken, right? And so we feel we have no choice but to take what we get; meaning once a man show us some attention, we get involved and/or even if he is married. Why? Cause there is enough women to go around for the very few men who are willing to give us some sort of attention. That sounds like compromise to me; compromise of our standards and beliefs. Yes, we all do it or have at least done it once; if not too many times and haven’t learnt our lesson yet.

You see the thing is that in taking the DIY approach to finding a man and the we ‘did it our way’ like the song says; we choose, you know what!

And after several attempts of doing it our way because we feel we know best and we know what we want, we get tired and decide to just have a man to meet our sexual needs only or we just give up and stay clear of being in a relationship!

Well there’s another route that most of us take when we get tired of the failed attempts and results and go to the one person we should have gone to in the first place – God!

Yes I said it!

In speaking with Dr Kleber Mbenoun, he shared his experience of doing it his way and God’s way. Guess which worked out better for him?

In no way does he say it would be easy but if it were so, then everyone would be doing it. We know not everyone has successful relationships and marriages. The same ones we look upon and envy right? So they must have done something differently that we haven’t tried yet.

How many of us are prepared to wait for God to send the person that he has planned for us? Not many, I am sure. God takes too long right? Yeah, I agree. But have you taken the time to think that he is doing that to get you and the man prepared for each other? Have you taken the time to think that you need work and you need the time to work on yourself? Or the baggage that you are carrying from a past relationship and or hurt is still with you that you need to release?

God’s plans are always good and perfect. Nothing is by trial and error and so the only men that are good, if we are looking for where the good men are at is through God. Not through your own DIY approach. Dating doesn’t work says Dr Mbenoun. He shares what does and provides 5 things you need to do to find the good men; but only if you are prepared and willing to do it. The video is accessible here.

I encourage you to get a copy of Dr Mbenoun’s book which goes into more details (workshops coming soon). Have pen and paper with you when listening because you will want to take notes and don’t push it aside to collect dust. Make the decision to apply the strategies in your life. Try God for once. What do you really have to lose if you did it his way?

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing a great service of suggesting expert guests for my show

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