When a Book comes to Life!

Something happened today that brought such joy to my heart that I am compelled to write this article/post.

In my normal social media stirrings; posting, liking, sharing, commenting and interacting, I came upon a post by Jennifer Grahame that not only was it her birthday but what made it so great for her today was that her book. The Bed Head, has been adapted for a movie by Danae Grandison and has been submitted and will be featured at the The Voice of a Woman Film Festival 2018.

Now you may be saying that sounds cool and you’re happy for her but what you don’t know is the history behind all this; which is what really brings the joy to my heart.

You see, I know Jennifer personally and she came to me around the year 2013 thereabout, to help her with her books. Help meaning to edit and get her book published. Not only have I worked with her closely and integrally on the first book but all three books including the one the movie is being made, The Bed Head.

When we first met, like we say in Jamaica, it was ‘hell and powder house’ between me and Jennifer! Back and forth arguments and she wouldn’t let go of finding something new to edit in the book that one day I had to put my foot down and say ‘stop now or else!’But the personality I have, I wasn’t deterred by her ranting and misgivings at times and now over the years we have a love affair like none other.


I am honoured and appreciate that she comes to me each time she needs her book done. I have clients like that who no matter what, they keep coming back. Not only do they come back for their publishing needs, but just to share what’s going on, what offers they get, ask my advice and like Jennifer even help with her website which I helped set up and update when she needs it done  and social media. She doesn’t like dealing with those things and facing the media. I had to pull her out of that one day to prepare her and said “Jennifer, one day you will be doing book launches and you will have to speak in front of an audience and TV and all that. Take your time but you need to get out of your shell” I took her to my toastmasters meeting where she had to introduce herself in front of the group. That was her first and last attendance.

However, with encouragement again she did a book launch which saw her meeting with some movers and shakers in society as well as speaking in public, signing books and making some serious sales. Unfortunately, I was off the island when it happened or else I would have been in the shots but don’t worry, I will get my face in when we hit the red carpet in Hollywood at the rate she’s going!

Yes, I said it Hollywood!

You see, I recall quite clearly saying to Jennifer when we started the first book, Jacks Hill Road, that she will make movies and plays from these books and she said nahhhh, not her, maybe. You know it was not too long after, she was calling to tell me that not one but two persons approached her to do a movie for her first book! Hmm. Words have power people!

Some people reading this may feel that I am trying to ride on Jennifer’s wave. It doesn’t matter to me what you think. I and Jennifer know as well as her family the journey we all went through. Conversations went from me to Jennifer to her husband ‘Tubby’, to her nephew, Jonathan at Copy Cat and right back through the circle. The journey of an author is not easy especially one with talent like Jennifer who writes when she is moved and that is few and far between but when she does, it’s a winner! You look at her and wonder where she comes up with all this but she’s so gifted. How do you think she came up with those 3 books in such a short space of time? Pressure from me of course! And she will not hesitate to tell you that I have been pressuring her on the 4th!

Her good friend Dwight Clacken who I also have to make mention of here is another one I am pressuring for his 2nd book and I hope he is reading this so he doesn’t sleep a wink after! His book is another movie in the making! Jennifer referred me to Dwight and here we go again, another love affair. I was on a cruise with my mother to the Bahamas December 2015 and working on Dwight’s book! What’s up with that? I love them both the same.

I can say so much more but I will leave it to Jennifer to share her story personally on how I came into her life and the value we bring to each other and the joy knowing her (though we have met only once, face to face) and her family (whom I haven’t met yet) brings to me today. I am extremely proud to be associated with her and her books and look forward to her book being featured not only at this upcoming festival but Cannes and Sundance and many more; even the French festivals when it is translated to various languages (and it will, make my words, this Jan 18 2018) when I get the opportunity to be mentioned (hint hint Danae Grandison) and get my red carpet invitations and all that juicy stuff.

I am like a proud mama at this moment seeing her child, her product doing well out there, standing on its own and making a name and impact in the world. A special thanks to Danae Grandison for selecting Jennifer’s book and believing in it so much that she pressed on to create a movie and brought life to the characters in the book. Go Jenifer Grahame and Danae! I support and salute you!

4 thoughts on “When a Book comes to Life!

  1. I know Jeñnifer personally, she and my sister went to Wolmer’s Girls school together, we are still in touch and she keeps encouraging to publish my poetry. I still feel it’s too raw but then there are poems about Hollywell that could be shared. I also wrote about an horrific unraveling of my marriage; but I have only shared it with one person. It was my therapist who encouraged me to write when my husband left. It sure was cathartic. I have Jen’s first book, I sure will get her other books.
    Dorothy Beek

    1. Hi Dorothy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you should move on getting your work published. Jennifer would be happy to hear that. You just never know where it can take you next. Writing is very good therapy. I know from experience. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do and to help others.

  2. Its my dream over the years to write.Thanks for the motivation to try again.

    1. Glad to be of service Leon!

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