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The Educational and Training Portal for Authors, Writers and Self Publishers

JAMAICA [January 16, 2018] – The Self  Publishing University offers the unique  opportunity for all authors – aspiring, in betweens and established to be exposed to a variety of trainings in the areas of writing, publishing and marketing of their book and themselves as well as the business behind their books.

Corine La Font, a Self Publishing Consultant, Newspaper Columnist, Speaker, Award Winning Author and Online Business and Self Worth Coach has initiated the first ever hub of online education for indie authors; all in one place. Young and old, it is never too late to acquire the knowledge and skill and enterprising attitude if you have a passion for writing, becoming an author and self published.

The Self Publishing University offers a variety of training programs to suit all authors’ needs.  There are currently live online monthly workshops to take advantage of at a discounted rate and upcoming is the inaugural Self Publishing Conference- Less Talk, More Action!  scheduled for May 2018.

Affiliates are welcomed to register on the Affiliate Center to assist with promotion and marketing of all workshops and conferences or any paid event and earn a 25% -50% commission on each sale!

The website: also offers valuable tips and advice from the blog and the opportunity to get seen and heard on the Between The Lines Radio show, hosted by none other than Corine La Font herself!


To find out more, inquiries may be sent to   or contact us by Phone: 202 552 1868 (USA)  from 9 am- 3pm EST .



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