Tapping into your Energy and Spirit

In this episode of Between The Lines, Milana shared her experience as a professional ice skater who through an accident while spinning in mid air, became aware of who she was and was meant to be. Years ago as a child, as with many of us, she was curious and more in tune with herself. As she got older, that changed and she fell into what others wanted and expected of her. She was caught up in the ‘good life’; she had it all. A life anyone on the outside would envy but the universe had other plans for her that at the time she ignored or made excuses.

This happens to so many of us. The signs are so clear and sometimes I would admit even subtle but we are so caught up in the life that we think is best for us because we are able to showoff and make others feel less or keep up with the status that attracts those ‘false friends’

It takes a serious wakeup call like that accident Milana had for her to realise that all that she had meant nothing to her true happiness and joy and the value giving back gives to others. Now she helps others attain their true calling after others have seen the changes in her own life and want the same.

In this episode which you can also watch on Youtube, you will learn:

  • To believe that there is a reason for all things that happened or is happening to you and that this too shall pass
  • It’s for your spiritual growth. You will learn something from it
  • You will be able to help others for without a test, there is no testimony, according to Les Brown
  • The difference between self care and self indulgence
  • Putting yourself as a priority

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