Talk is Cheap

Communication can be easy. Is it really? Or are we both speaking a different language?

Author and Speaker Daryl Fletcher says men and women speak a different language and each has to be willing to create a connection rather than contention. When our words do not match our actions is when things go awry in our relationships.

Once mutual interest is there, the goal is to work towards connection.

He shares 4 parts of communication which may sound scientific when you listen or watch here, but it makes sense when you really allow it to process.

Personal relationships take work. It’s not only work on the mutual relationship but also work on each other. If you’re not ready, you will keep attracting what you have been getting. No need to wonder why it happens. The answer is simple. It’s who you are that you attract and what you have been compromising along the way. Stop compromising, work on yourself, let go of the ‘baggage’ and soon what you want will come to you!

Daryl and I got into our own little relationship tiffs during the conversation, though the love is still there but when he hit me with a sample of those 30 questions to know if I am ready for a relationship, I wouldn’t say I failed; but I have some things to work on. We all do.

Daryl recognized he is not a perfect man but one that is a work in progress. After learning about himself and being brutally honest about who he was in his first marriage, he got deep and personal on his self discovery and development to be a better person and man that he remarried just shy of a year ago.

It’s possible people!

We all just need to be honest, do some introspection and like Daryl said work from the inside out. It’s easy to get caught and all taken up with the outside magnetism and physical attraction but soon the real you will start to show and that can’t hide.

I was challenged by Daryl to put on a workshop for the ladies who have been looking for love in all the wrong places to get it right once and for all. Hmmm, that challenge is on, So keep a look out my sisters for not only Daryl but he was challenged by me to bring some of his eligible male friends to do a dating session with us too. Little do they know what they are in for with us island girls!! #bringiton!

Definitely get a copy of Daryls’s book and connect with him on social media. Special thanks to Radio Guest List for such awesome guests and of course, leave your comments below this post. I personally respond to each and every one of them.

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