Shoes are like Men

Yes my sisters! When next you are buying shoes and dating men, remember Kim Interdonato of ‘Shoes are like Men’!

Not only does she relate men to the types of shoes we go out and look for, purchase and wear; she also gives you a line to use when dating and you want to approach that cute guy and don’t know what to say. It worked for her and it can work for you. I am not promising to use that line cause I tell you, I will remember Kim when saying it and burst out into laughter and the effect may not be the same but give it a go and let us know what happens. LOL

Back to the shoes. Kim shares how we women choose our shoes, whether it is to impress or be functional depending on the event and location and of course the prospects are that will be there. In either case, some of us women end up selecting shoes that are painful, are not appropriate, doesn’t match us or come with some sort of issue.

Kim is not about bashing men and we are sure men see us like she said like cars and cocktails. Whatever works to get the point and lessons across is all good. She also open the challenge to any man writing a book about women in an analogous way to bring it on, she would love to work with him and even end up doing so book signings!

Men, the challenge is on!

Though her book came as a result of a break up, she has learned like many of us, that everything happens for a reason and she is better off being friends than in a relationship.

She suggests being open and laughing at yourself while going through whatever challenges you have now for it will be over and you will look back and wonder how you made it.

Believe that you are stronger than you think and know that you have to love you first before loving anyone else.

Kim’s book has gotten fantastic reviews as it’s a lighthearted way of looking at life in all it’s seriousness. Laugh more; get a copy of Kim’s book and reach out to her. She would love to hear from you. Feel free to check out the YouTube version here.

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing expert guests on my show.

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