Participate in Your Recovery

Living the good life and then wham! Something happens that throws us off our comfort zone, social status, how we are perceived by others and even how we perceive ourselves!

Diseases such as Alzheimers hit you like that; just like any other I would imagine. The signs are there, you don’t think it’s knocking at your door; you run, hide, make excuses, cover up and deny. Until one day, you make the decision to go check it out and the diagnosis meets you at reality door.

However, you don’t need to welcome in your new guest. You can make the decision that you do not own whatever your doctor’s tell you and maintain a positive attitude especially if that guest is bringing with it stuff that will break you down and leave you feeling in the dumps. Why welcome it? Why own it?

That’s what Nancy Nelson did! Feel free to view the episode on Youtube here

She made a decision to participate in her own recovery and took a positive attitude towards her diagnosis of early onset of Alzheimers; that now her doctor’s are so impressed with her progress that she has been reassessed  with cognitive

Shouldn’t this be the approach to all things we have no control over? For just in case you are reading this and think you have control; you don’t! And the idea that it’s not supposed to happen to you is also a myth because diseases do not discriminate. The point is, if it’s not you, then how will you have a testimony to share with others who are going through it? You were selected for a reason. Maybe it’s because you are stronger or have the voice needed. Just know that we as humans are ever evolving and we are supposed to. This comfort zone we like to find ourselves in is not meant to be or else there won’t be growth and development.

We are meant to become a better version of what we know that exist now and while a disease may not be the best way or your preferred choice; sometimes, it takes something as significant as that to help us realise to stop and smell the coffee, slow down, see the beauty in the world and be thankful. A happy body and mind won’t have space and time to accommodate anything negative or anything negative associated with it.

In this interview with Nancy, you will learn:

  • Her coping strategies
  • The significance of Blue River Apple
  • Her inspiration through poetry
  • Ways in which to support persons with Alzheimers

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing the opportunity for guests to be on my show. Support Nancy by getting a copy(ies) of her book and share with others, caregivers of Alzheimers and Associations and feel free to reach out to Nancy for love, advice and support on your or a loved one’s journey with the disease.

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