Husbands – An Owner’s Manual

“Even toasters come with manuals and what can be easier than making toast” says Judi Schindler, the author of ‘Husbands – An Owner’s Manual’ and guest on my radio show, Between The Lines. 53 years of marriage to the same man and still going; I think she has earned the title of expert and has learned some things along the way that she can share with us.

Married at age 22, Judi has seen, experienced and discovered throughout the journey with her husband various influences in society. They have both grown, though in their own ways. While society, friends and family influences may have had an impact of her thoughts on what marriage should be, she soon came to the quick realization that her expectations were not matching her reality.

The truth about it I think and as was shared in the interview that we women know this but somehow we feel obligated to follow what the church, family, friends and society teaches and show us to be the way of a ‘true marriage’. Wake up people! Judi holds nothing back in being raw and straight to the point in helping you to navigate and as she indicates in her subtitle ‘survive’ a marriage. If she has done it for half a century, then I would certainly take advice from her.

Brace yourself for her tips around asking men for advice or going shopping or dirty laundry or watching TV or doing things together as a couple! View the Youtube version here

Don’t expect to hear about compromise and communication and sacrifice. That’s the typical answer you get when we hear of couples lasting that long and we want to know the ‘secret’. Forget that!

It’s all about your expectations and what you are willing to tolerate. If you’re about to get married, singIe or dating, I would suggest you listen to this. Even if you are married, listen and turn things around if you are stressed and frustrated and want your marriage to work.

It’s really all in your hands.

Get a copy of Judi’s book and feel free to connect with her. It’s a comical way of looking at life and marriage not too serious while at the same time strikes real and true.

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing guests for my show.

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