Why Me?

Many of us have found ourselves asking that question. Most times, under situations of challenge or misfortune or as some would see it, bad luck. Whatever the situation, you ask; why me? As if it should be someone else or it should happen to someone else, though at the time of thinking it, it is not obvious to you; but if not you, who else should it be?

I guess all the “bad things” should happen to everyone else and the “good things” should happen to you but if each one of us thought the same, then who really is us versus them? Confusing isn’t it?

The stark reality is, it happened to you, me, us for a reason and not someone else.

What we should really be asking is, what can I learn from this? And instead of why me? Rather it should be, why not me?

Maybe you were chosen for a reason. Maybe to be taught a lesson or maybe to follow your inner spirit. Many times warning signs are before us and if we had taken heed, the situation may not have manifested. We either ignored the signs, the gut feelings or intuition and went on our own strength thinking it was the best thing to do when deep down, you still felt uneasy like cutting against the grain.

As physical beings walking this earth, we feel we have full control. We don’t. This shell we walk around in that others see; will fade, age, wither and die at some point but a spirit, a form of energy still lives within and beyond the physical death. Some persons are tapped into that energy and stay in tune or on that vibrational level in order to know which direction to go and what to do next. Energy works in collaboration with feelings and that’s why when something doesn’t feel right, which we call the gut feeling or intuition, we follow it. There’s no scientific data, to my knowledge, to support that gut feeling and others who are quite logical and practical do not believe in that intangible meter but it has allowed for many entrepreneurs to become successful and many business decisions to take off and thrive and even for some relationships to blossom.

But where does that intuition come from? While you feel it inside you and there’s no exact spot you can touch and say it’s here or there; it comes from energy to tap into your energy. It comes from an outside source that is stronger and more knowledgeable than you. Call it source, inspiration, God or a higher being. We are inspired to act and this inspiration comes from outside in. It increases our awareness and consciousness and gives us the feeling that it is possible; that you can do it and it feels good. You get excited that you lose sleep and more ideas start flowing as you have now open the floodgate for energy to flow within you.

Failure to follow such inspiration causes a sort of jetlag and regret especially when you see others following their inspiration and you now end up saying, you shoulda, coulda, woulda. It brings a lethargic feeling because you didn’t make the time or give it the attention it needed. It came to you for a reason. Remember the why me?

The idea didn’t go to someone else. It came to you specifically.

What excuses have you made or are you making to yourself for not being where you should be in life? I know I have and most, if not all came from a position of fear. It always does in some way or another. What’s the worst that can happen if you really took a leap of faith in yourself? Failure? Oh sure! But even so you would have been better off trying something and knowing more now than you did before so you can do better the next time than not even trying at all!

Some of you, us, have failed so many times that you have become despondent and fell back into the ways of the box. You know the box. You stay within the walls and what everyone else wants you to do. If those from the past did that, we wouldn’t have flight, light or cars!

Do you think you are any different from the Wright Brothers, Einstein or Benz?

The only difference is your level and depth of drive, persistence and consistency! Your mind, your ideas, your creativity and ability to innovate is the same as those pioneers of our past probably even better given the tools, access to resources and technology we have today!

What are some things you have put off that you always wanted to do? What are those ‘crazy’ ideas that you were inspired to act on that you didn’t? What feelings are being welled up inside you as you think on these questions and memories are flooding back?

For me, separating from a toxic relationship of 27 years has led me back to who I really am and reminded me of the energetic, fun loving being I am. I repressed the idea of dancing and getting back into my painting and drawing. I am happy to say, dancing is repressed no more and I have taken up Latin dancing for about two years now and I feel exhilaration beyond any other. Next will be going to an art store and buying paint brushes to start work on the canvas again and fear of all fears speaking Spanish fluently and travelling to Spanish speaking countries is hot on the agenda for 2018!

I started off this article with why me? I guess it took me going through a toxic relationship to find my true self again and rediscovering that life still runs through my veins! So I now say, why not me when faced with challenges that requires me to learn and go through introspection to discover something better and bigger about myself that has been lying dormant and needed a wakeup call.

What about you?

This article was first published on Medium.