Dr Marcia Powell

Corine La Font is a very Godly, inspiring and capable professional. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, open to new ideas, tolerant and extremely innovative and creative. She motivated me and gave me a drive to do well and overcome adversities

Marie Gayle

She is professional and technically competent. She also keeps the communication ongoing which I really appreciated.

Yvette Mair

For over 20 years, I had this idea of starting a medical transcription business, but did not know how to go about making this a reality. Corine guided and helped me in making this dream tangible. As a result of being coached by her and my interactions with her, I am a better thinker. She tells me it can be done… “it is doable”, so there is no excuse. With her as my mentor, I was surprised to find out that I gained additional insights and new information about my field! She directed me to resources that were helpful and I felt she was on my side and wanted me to succeed, even when she pushed me

Suzanne Tregenza Moore

Corine helped me and clients of mine with a variety of technical services primarily around setting up an affiliate program. She communicated well, was fairly priced, and delivered when she was supposed to. If you are thinking about getting support from Corine, I strongly recommend you hire her

Dwight Clacken

Corine saved me huge expense in Jamaica when she did for me what would have taken twice as long at 3 times her cost by going an alternative route overseas. She was prompt, professional, confidential and reasonably priced. I will use her for future projects

Jennifer Grahame

Corine is dependable and makes herself available beyond the call of duty. Corine’s knowledge of online marketing and publishing is extensive, I learned a lot from her in a short space of time

Amanda Hanna

Corine has formatted all 7 of my Amazon Kindle novels. She works quickly and efficiently, sometimes completing the job in under 48 hours. She also supports my books by writing reviews online and helps spread the word when a new book is out. I would highly recommend her for your formatting needs

Villia Walker

Corine has a passion for writing and publishing. She gives reliable service. She checks to see how the project is going regularly. She gives good advice.

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