Let’s Talk about Forgiveness

Hard word to swallow, that ‘Forgiveness’. Probably if it was a pill and all goes away that may be easier for some of us. The thing is how many of us would want to buy the pill in the first place? It takes willingness and an acknowledgement that you have done something wrong to even buy the pill. How many of us are humble to say I am sorry or I was wrong?

Besides that, some of us won’t even accept an ‘I am sorry’ from another.

In this episode ‘Let’s talk about forgiveness’ Ron Chapman and I really dug deep into the heart of the matter. I was quite intrigued with the journey he went on to rediscover himself and learned to let go or release, another way of speaking about forgiveness. I too shared my own experience of true forgiveness and letting go. The YouTube version can be accessed here.

But what really is forgiveness? What does it do for you? Is it just to simply say the words and move on but still harbour in your heart and soul such malice and vengeance and hurt that each time you see the person that hurt you that you never speak to them again or react to them in a hostile manner? Hmm?

What’s the price you are willing to pay to harbour such hate? And for some the rest of your life until the deathbed scenario where some quickly discover they are on their way out!

Why hold on to such anger? What can it really do for you? Ron shares some goldmine answers to that question that will really, if you have blood running through your veins will shake you to your core and you will have to have a Neo (The Matrix) moment of taking the red or blue pill. I kid you not.

Some of us have made it to 2018 carrying such weight and burden from 2017 and before. I encourage you to listen to this episode with an open mind, heart and soul. Get a copy of Ron’s books, check out his free resources if you are struggling with forgiveness, reach out to him and leave your feedback at the end of this post and share. Share this episode and others that will be posted on this website. You just never know, it may turn things around for someone out there; including you.

In the end, the real question is – is it worth it? I leave the answer to you.

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing spectacular guests and experts for my show.

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