Having Faith in Your Dreams

Two words stand out here: Faith and Dreams.

Dreams are not only for when you are asleep under covers at night with your eyes closed. Dreams can happen to you while awake, when your mind drifts off. It’s at those times, you are in another realm, unreachable by another human that only someone with supernatural abilities that speak and touch you.

Many of us had drams as a child and I have often shared that we lost that along the way to adulthood, most times through influence by another who had dreams and never took action and seeking company to their misery.

It is said the richest place in the world is the cemetery. There you will find all the drams that are lost, stolen, deprived or just given up on.

Now is the time to act on those dreams. You are never too old or too lame and it never too late.

The ‘How’ to get your dream realised, is none of your damn business! The fact that a seed has been planted in you is enough to go on or else it wouldn’t have been given to you from above in the first place. You have everything you need and will be given everything you need to make that dream a reality.

So shares Sharon Tooson who shares her story of Faith in her book Have Faith in Your Dreams. It requires trust, belief and most importantly obedience and humility for your dreams to work. Being wrong and strong and obedient doesn’t work together so if that’s the combination you have, drop it!

Sharon went on further to explain that there are 3 types of dreams, so take a listen and learn something about what your dreams are saying to you. What God is trying to communicate to you at this time and why it is important to start trusting the one person that has your back.


Get a copy of Sharon’s books, reach out to her on her website. She’s pretty friendly J and leave your comments below if this episode resonated with you and share with someone you love or need to hear this.

Special thanks to Radio Guest List for providing expert guests for my show


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