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Description: This presentation focused on acknowledging and recognizing women’s self worth; what they bring to relationships, families, business, jobs and to themselves! It’s the women that knows how to manage the money. We are the purse holders! Women know how to ‘juggle’ like we say in Jamaica.

  • Who offers what you need right now?
  • How do you want to be seen and heard?
  • How to create generational wealth- set up a succession plan – name your business & sons/&daughters/sisters

Aim: To allow participants to see themselves as the leaders and change agents in all these roles while balancing a coexistence with our male counterparts and fellow females in the industry. How do we see ourselves? How are we made to see ourselves? Who influences those thoughts, ideas of ourselves?


Bonus: Free 13 page Blueprint (pdf) – An activity booklet that forces you to take action on the following:

  • Leadership
  • Wealth building
  • Education
  • Government contracting
  • Small Business/Non Profit startup

Who is this training meant for?: Entrepreneurs who want to take their business and life to the next level


Hosted by Star Williams, the theme for 2017 was “Visions of Economic Empowerment” as we strive to push women in the direction of reaching the next level of success and achieving their personal and professional goals.  So many women struggle with asking for help and this conference is designed to not only tell them how to get there but also show them by providing the tools and resources needed.


Speaker: Corine La Font is an Award Winning Author, Speaker, Publisher, Consultant and Online Radio Host. Hire Corine to speak at your next event!



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