Write Your Book in 90 days

Write Your Book in 90 days

About this program:

This is an intensive program. Not to scare you but if you really want to get that book out, you really have to be committed to this and follow through, no matter what! It's time to stop letting FEAR and PROCRASTINATION get in the way! I am doing this for myself also so I will be a student as well as the facilitator in the program. That means I will be just as vulnerable as you to the feedback and comments of the participants in this program. Not a comfortable place to be but that's what will get us where we need to be - out of our comfort zone and onto success! The thing is I have been there so I know the ropes and I am an award winning book and publisher so nothing surprises me. I have helped coached and published many authors who have referred others to me to get their book done. You can see the sample of the books published below. Many others are offering programs like these out there and I applaud them for approaching writing a book in 30 days or less but ask yourself how realistic is that for you and would you be as committed to delivering something of quality that you would be proud of in the end. They have their own approach and I have mine. The choice is really yours!

Included in this program are:

  • Group coaching calls every two weeks (date TBA)
  • Join a private Facebook group where you will post your weekly progress and share your written work for feedback and review by fellow members
  • Get your book published on Amazon - ebook format only (print version will be at an additional price, at your request)
  • Get a done for you book cover
  • Get a 30 day marketing plan
  • Get a promo package that can be used to promote your book on your website and/or social media
  • Get a workbook/guide which includes your daily notes/journal (immediate download upon purchase)

Duration: 90 days from commencement

Genre: Fiction and non fiction

Who is this meant for? If you answered yes to one or more of the following then this is for you:

  • Do you have a story within you and you don't know how or where to start?
  • Have you started writing and have lost the zeal to continue?
  • Do you suffer from procrastination? i.e you have a story and haven't started writing that book yet?
  • Have you always wanted to write a book and just never thought you could do it?
  • Have you ever thought of yourself as an author but others have told you "you should write a book! It would make a great story"?
  • Do you have a fear that no-one will have an interest to read what you have to share or say?

This is a recurring program which means every 90 days, you can be churning out those books! Now, I could have put this as a subscription model where I automatically set up monthly deductions but that would be too easy. Like I said in my 'Smarter than Your Sources' program, here's the deal - YOU must make this a commitment like your food bill. Yes and don't open your eyes at me! YOU must make the effort and time for YOU and the possibilities that can open up for you when you elevate yourself as an expert, authority in your industry and author!

Remember all you need to do is show up and be prepared to keep up with your writing.

All of this for literally 1 dollar a day,  30 dollars a month, 97 dollars for 90 days. Yes, I did the Math! This is really a steal of a deal for I normally charge way more than this per client. As you may be able to tell by now, I am not one for fluff and long sales pages, for I don't believe in them, so I now leave it to you to take a deep breath, smile, take a leap of faith in YOURSELF and take action by joining us on the inside!


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